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Come not to win, but to survive.
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Put your creativity to the test by designing functional and aesthetic products. Participants will be required to complete several design tasks based on the prompt, collaborate, and use cutting-edge software to help them. 6 teams will qualify for the finals which will be in the form of a pitch.


A classic hackathon where you will need to craftily map out solutions to challenging problems with all your skills. 6 teams will qualify for the finals which will be in the form of a pitch.


In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. The task is to capture and tell a story through photographs based on the given prompt. Photographers will have to click pictures in the allotted time.


A test of the best filmmakers. Here, participants will be given a theme to create a short film on. They will be judged based on cinematography, story presentation, and video editing.

Game Development

An event that tests the participant’s designing skills as well as analytical frame of mind. They are often required to work in a team for making 3D models and audio, which are used as assets for developing the game based on the prompt.


A problem-solving contest involving code. The programming event will be held on Codingal.


An aggregate of bad puns to test your tech sense. The preliminary round will be held on Google Forms. 6 teams will qualify for the finals which will take place on a discord video call. The finalists will be required to turn on their cameras.


A game requiring you to solve several puzzles in succession, wherein you have to decipher and connect the given clues and hunt for an answer with the internet at your disposal.


This event will put your understanding of computer hardware and operating systems to the test. On our online platform, one must use their technical talent to complete a series of hardware tasks. The team's completed tasks are judged, and a winner is determined.

Group Discussion

Where eloquent discourse meets technological aptitude. The preliminary round will be in the form of the video submission. The unlisted YouTube link must be submitted in the form that will be provided later.


Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering, and technology that produces robots, reducing human efforts. The robotics event tests three significant fields; designing, programming, and efficiency to think and explore.


A team event where scientific curiosity meets technological creativity. The teams are required to redesign the scientific instrument provided in the prompt. Teams will submit a 3d model, a write-up, and Animation(2d or 3d) of their product.

Digital Art

Where traditional art skills meet modern tools, artists use software to showcase their talents in an illustration, poster, or character design based on the prompt.


An event to find the most versatile and the most adaptable. 5-9 participants will qualify for the finals. More details related to the games will be revealed before the event itself.


The surprise event is ??. The event is a challenge for the well-rounded.
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